Fruit Foam Puzzle Mat - HelloSpecial
Fruit Foam Puzzle Mat - HelloSpecial

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Fruit Foam Puzzle Mat

Even in the first years of life, children can already learn a lot. This happens especially when their curiosity is stimulated in a familiar environment. This can be done on this play mat, for example. That is a comfortable playground and at the same time a foam puzzle. The foam puzzle consists of square pieces of 30 x 30 cm with the image of fruit. The beautiful colors and softness of the play mat ensure that little ones get a favorite playground. The foam puzzle is suitable for children from 0 years old. You can easily do this by pressing the button. You now participate directly in the auction and have the chance to become the winner of this online auction.


  • Set of 10 pieces
  • 29.5 x 29.5 x 0.8 cm large
  • Soft material
  • In happy colors < / li>
  • From 0 years

Retail price 20,95