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JBL - Reflect Response

Bluetooth technology, one-touch operation and an ergonomic fit make JBL Reflect Response wireless headphones a leader in the world of sports headphones. With more than 10 hours of continuous playback, these headphones are the perfect partner for long training sessions, while the ergonomic neckband and earbuds keep everything in place during your most intense workouts. The volume can easily be adjusted with the aid of a control panel. Bluetooth ensures that you never have to listen to music with a cable in your mobile device. The Teal Reflect Response headphones have a mint green body with black earplugs and a gray reflective stripe on the cables for better visibility at night.  

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  • Touch Control Technology: Control your ears with an easy control panel
  • 10 hours + audio playback: push your physical limits as far as you can and enjoy hours of musical inspiration
  • Ergonomic neckband fit: To satisfy the serious athlete, the JBL Reflect Response wireless headset is lightweight with a patented, ergonomically designed neck strap.
  • Sweat resistant: Increase your exercise intensity to a new level without that you need to be afraid of perspiration by means of nano-coating technology
  • Ergonomic earplugs: never miss a beat with earpieces that are not only comfortable but stay in place no matter how intense your training routine is
  • Activate voice commands via tap technology.
  • Reflective cables: add style and night vision to your training routine with sturdy reflective cables.
  • Bluetooth Wireless: Designed for freedom during sport and
  • Brand: JBL
  • Color: Green

Retail price 99,95