Car Anti-ice blanket - HelloSpecial
Car Anti-ice blanket - HelloSpecial

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Car Anti-ice blanket

In the winter months the scrapping of the windshield of the car is a recurrent annoyance. But you can easily solve that problem with this anti-ice blanket. With this cover for antifreeze for your car, your vision is also good after a good night frost. And the antifreeze for your car is also very practical. Of course you want to protect the windshield of your car against frost. It is often a hassle to cover the window well every time, not to scratch the window at all. With the anti-ice blanket, however, these problems are off the mark. This cover for antifreeze for your car is magnetic and therefore very easy to install and remove. No more fussing to get the anti-ice blanket exactly in the right place. The magnets are almost automatic and the removal in the morning is also very simple. In addition, this model for antifreeze for the car with a special lock, so that theft will not come quickly. Of course the blanket is waterproof. Take advantage of high discounts on this fun gadget and bid on this online auction.


  • Efficient antifreeze for the car
  • Easy to attach
  • Made from durable material
  • Magnetic
  • 96 cm x 163 cm x 1 cm
  • Lightweight
  • With theft lock

Retail price 19,99