ECO-DE® Exercise Bench - HelloSpecial
ECO-DE® Exercise Bench - HelloSpecial

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ECO-DE® Exercise Bench

The ECO-DE® Practice Bench is a complete fitness center. It exerts all muscle groups thanks to its large system of pulleys and reinforced steel chassis. The horizontal bench allows you to perform the exercises accurately. The foam support is very compact and provides comfort and stability during exercise.  

Multifunctional low pulley for biceps - exercises, delta muscles, glutes, back, abductors, adductors and trapezes.
Development of the shoulders, strengthening of the shoulders the deltoid muscle and trapezius muscle.
Bench Press: To expand the chest, shoulders, back - delta muscles. Butterfly: For working on defining the chest, between the chest muscles. Pulley: For the development of the arms, back and chest. To work flexion and relief legs, strengthening the hamstrings and quadriceps. Low Pulley leg developer. Above Pulley for triceps exercises and back.

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  • Dimensions: 220cm x 110cm x 198cm
  • Weight: 58kg
  • Weights: total 45kg
  • Train different muscles

Retail price 629,00