ECO-DE® Multiuser fitness equipment - HelloSpecial
ECO-DE® Multiuser fitness equipment - HelloSpecial

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ECO-DE® Multiuser fitness equipment

The ECO-DE® exercise bench is a training machine to help you stay in shape without having to pay for a gym. The machine has a very good finish and offers an ideal load for all users. The material of the support is very close and provides comfort and stability during exercise.


  • Multifunction pulley for: Biceps, delta muscles, buttocks, back, abductors, adductors and trapezes
    Bench press: To develop the chest muscles, shoulders, front delta muscles, load: 98kg
  • Butterfly: to the definition of the chest to work, right between the two pectoral muscles, load: 51kg per arm
    Pulley: For the development of the arms, back and chest
  • Low Pulley Legs: To work on bending and to the artificial bone to strengthen the ischia and quadriceps
  • The optimal alignment for the body that can effectively help strengthen your abdominal muscles

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  • Contains weights (45 kg total)
  • Reinforced steel frame
  • Integrated load in the housing
  • Antibacterial upholstery
  • Ability to perform many different exercises
  • Design and comfort: structural steel frame
  • Safety chart around the weight of the column
  • Pulley and cable, very good finish, offers weight for all users
  • Dimensions of the bench: 140cm x 114cm x 205cm
  • Dimensions of the housing: 197 x 57 x 23/38 x 18 x 23 (x2) cm
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Retail price 777,00