Shopping Crate XL Foldable - HelloSpecial
Shopping Crate XL Foldable - HelloSpecial

Retail price 47,95


Shopping Crate XL Foldable

This practical and foldable crate is a very useful help for your groceries, camping or holiday, nursing home, etc. If you no longer need it, it is simply folded up and stored away.

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  • Compact to store
  • Handy for groceries and chores
  • Durable Plastic
  • 2 Wheels
  • Aluminum and pull-out handle
  • Suitable for +/- 25 KG
  • Folded 42x40.5 (excl handle) x8 cm
  • Expanded 42x40.5x38 excl handle
  • Provided with 2 locking clips
  • Includes 2 locking edges

Retail price 47,95