Ski mask - HelloSpecial
Ski mask - HelloSpecial

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Ski mask

Outdoor sports are becoming increasingly popular, think for example of motorcycling, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding etc. They are all sports that can be tough and above all rough. Skiing and snowboarding for example are a sport that takes place in cold temperatures. It can sometimes be so cold that you can get a painful face of it. Protect your face against the cold during winter sports with this Neoprene ski mask. You can easily do this by pressing the button. You now participate directly in the auction and have the chance to become the winner of this online auction.


  • The neoprene ski mask is made of fleece and neoprene (synthetic rubber).
  • This synthetic rubber is used to waterproof the mask in certain places.
  • This ski mask also fits under a helmet or hat so you are completely protected from the cold or the sun.
  • Available in the color red with black, blue with black and all black. < / li>
After winning the Special you can select the desired color in the payment screen.

Listing price 14,95