Adler Steamer 3-layer - HelloSpecial
Adler Steamer 3-layer - HelloSpecial

Retail price 75,95


Adler Steamer 3-layer

With this 3-layer steam cooker from Adler, you can steam three different types of food at the same time, on top of vegetables, potatoes in the middle and meat on the bottom tray. The hot steam keeps vitamins and tastes better. The dish also remains low-fat and healthy! In addition to the 3 layers, you also receive an egg tray, with which you boil a delicious egg with the right amount of water. In addition, the steam cooker is equipped with a timer, so you do not have to wait for your machine.   

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  • 3 setup trays
  • 1 egg tray
  • Adjustable timer
  • Water ready for use in 40 seconds

Retail price 75,95