Boxspring model CAIRO 90x200 - HelloSpecial
Boxspring model CAIRO 90x200 - HelloSpecial

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Boxspring model CAIRO 90x200

The Cairo model has sprung bottom boxes with 6 silver-colored block legs. The headboard is upholstered in the same upholstery as the Boxspring. For the size 90x200 you get 1 pocket spring mattress. With a pocket spring mattress the feathers are packed in pockets (textile bags). This means that each spring can adjust to the pressure independently of the other person. The springs in a pocket mattress are cylindrical or barrel shaped and stand in different rows or zones. Because the mattress is composed of 7 zones, it has a good bendable and flexible spring system.   The pocket mattress of model Cairo consists of 280 springs per m2 and is 16 cm high.   The topper that comes with this box spring standard is 4 centimeter thick and is made of cold foam.

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  • 1 Suspended lower box
  • 1 Pocket mattress  
  • Upholstered headboard
  • 6 Silver colored block legs
  • Mattress- topper
  • Materials: Different types of fabric and leather-look
  • Warranty period: 1 year
  • Total floor height - incl. standard topper: 55 cm
  • Total mattress thickness: 17 cm
  • Thickness standard topper: 4 cm
  • Headboard height: 106 cm with thickness 8.5 cm

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Exclusive: bedside tables

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Retail price 830,00