Boxspring Model SYDNEY 160x200 - HelloSpecial
Boxspring Model SYDNEY 160x200 - HelloSpecial

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Boxspring Model SYDNEY 160x200

The Sydney Model has hard bottom boxes with 12 silver-colored block legs. The headboard is upholstered in the same upholstery as the Boxspring. For size 160/200 you get 2 under boxes with 2 bonell mattresses. The springs of a bonell mattress are interconnected with a steel wire. The mattress is not made up of different zones, such as with a pocket spring mattress. On the other hand, the mattress has very good ventilation properties, making the mattress very durable and therefore long lasting. A bonell mattress has 107 feathers per m², with 2.2 mm wire thickness, 16 cm high and 5 strokes. The Boxspring comes with medium mattresses. The springs in a medium mattress have more room to move than in a hard mattress. The topper that comes with this Boxspring standard is 4cm thick and is made of cold foam. A positive feature of cold foam is that it has excellent moisture and air regulation. This keeps the mattress at a pleasant temperature and prevents pit formation.  

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  • In size 160x200, 2 bonell mattresses
  • 2 x hard bottom boxes
  • Upholstered headboard
  • 12 Silver colored block legs
  • Choice from 3 colors (Savannah Black, Savannah Anthracite, Savannah Light gray)
  • Mattress topper 4cm thick
  • Materials: Available in fabric
  • Warranty period: 1 year
  • Total height floor - incl. standard topper: 55cm
  • Total thickness bonell mattress: 17cm
  • Thickness standard topper: 4cm
  • Height headboard: 96cm with a thickness of 6cm and a width of 3cm

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Retail price 678,00