Water Bottle with Infuser - HelloSpecial
Water Bottle with Infuser - HelloSpecial

Retail price 9,95


Water Bottle with Infuser

Stay hydrated! This Water Bottle has an Infuser and can be used to cool your water by adding ice cubes. You can also add fresh fruit, perfect for the sunny days!

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  • Brand: XD Collection  
  • Material: Tritan  
  • Secondary material: acrylonitrile-styrene (AS)  
  • Main color: Blue    
  • Product Size: 22.7cm x 6.0cm    
  • Net item weight: 175g      
  • Volume (in Liters): 0.5L
  • Available in 3 different colors: Blue, Green, Orange
When you pay for your Special you can select the desired color.

Retail price 9,95